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.22 Caliber Handguns

We offer two types of .22 caliber tubes. One is titanium and the other is aluminum. The shorter one made from titanium, is a wet style and the other being a dry tube. The four inch tube is a wet tube requiring some sort of lubricant, we use grease (it lasts longer) but water works very well also. The dry tube is about 6 inches long but does not require any lubricant and uses aluminum with stainless steel thread inserts to prevent wear associated with recoil and installation.

The 6 inch aluminum tubes M22 as retail for $475.00 while the shorter titanium tube M22TW retails for the same price, $475.00. All suppressors are available in three colors, unfinished, desert tan and black. All colors are ceramic coated purported to withstand 1600+ degrees.